It’s a new year, and Broadway Surgical Institute is leading the way in Southern California with the latest in minimally invasive procedures. On January 15th, 2014, Dr. Timothy Davis teamed up with Thayer Intellectual Property to perform a Carpal Tunnel Release procedure with MANOS™. The purpose of the workshop was to create a lab environment to demonstrate the latest in minimally invasive carpal tunnel release technology on a cadaver.

To understand the technology, let’s first understand the carpal tunnel physiology and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The carpal tunnel is the “narrow, tunnel like structure at the base of the hand. The bottom of the tunnel is made up of the wrist bones, while the top of the tunnel is covered by the transverse carpal ligament. Nine flexor tendons and the median nerve make their way through the carpal tunnel as they run from the forearm to the hand. The flexor tendons provide motion to the fingers. The median nerve is an extremely important nerve that controls sensation to the palm side of the hand and also supports movement of the fingers and thumb.”

Unfortunately, the carpal tunnel can swell and become inflamed due to disease, injury and/or repetitive motions. The swelling causes a narrowing of the tunnel in addition to causing pressure on the median nerve. According to the manufacturer of MANOS, “When the pressure on the median nerve becomes great enough to disturb the normal function of the nerve, numbness, tingling, and pain can be felt in the fingers and hand. These are the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Traditionally, carpal tunnel releases are performed as an open procedure.”

The Carpal Tunnel Release with MANOS is fast, easy and effective. The procedure can be performed in about 10 minutes -leaving minimal scaring (measuring 2mm on average). No stiches or splinting are required post-operatively. Using the MANOS system helps to reduce the patients recovery time dramatically, while increasing their overall quality of life. The procedure can also be performed with ultrasound guidance. Finally, general anesthesia is not a requirement, allowing the patient to give conscious feedback throughout the procedure.

The MANOS Carpal Tunnel Release system is the first of its kind. With minimally invasive procedures being the norm at an outpatient surgical setting – MANOS has found a home at Broadway Surgical Institute. To find out more information on the procedure, please go to:

At Broadway Surgical Institute we pride ourselves on providing our patients with compassionate personalize care, innovative surgical techniques, and advanced medical technology in an outpatient setting.